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What teenager wants to walk into high school with a mouth full of metal braces? While conventional metal braces have gotten a bit more tolerable overtime with an improved design, colorful elastics, and a more acceptable social status, many teenagers still are against the idea of having a “metal mouth” for however many months or years their dentist advises.

This doesn’t mean you have to deal with crooked or misaligned teeth either. In fact, thanks to technology, you have probably heard about a wonderful advancement that you’ll never even see: Clear Braces.

Clear braces, like those offered by Invisalign, are just as they sound. The clear trays are placed over your teeth (like a mouthguard but slimmer, form-fitting, and almost unnoticeable) to gradually reposition your teeth over time. Invisalign is typically reserved for less severe misalignment cases, and the severity of the correction needed will determine how long you need to wear your trays.

Just like how you need to go to your dentist to have conventional metal braces tightened and adjusted, Invisalign trays need to be adjusted to as your teeth slowly begin shifting into the right position. This means going to the dentist as advised and having a new tray formed. Over time, the series of trays will eventually pull your teeth into the correct alignment.

There are many perks that come along with Invisalign Teen in addition to them being almost unnoticeable, like the fact that you can take them out to eat and properly brush and floss your teeth. If you are wondering if you are a candidate for Invisalign Teen, ask your dentist about this popular option at your next appointment.

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